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Top 7 Outdoor Amenities Luxury Homebuyers Demand

The luxury home buying market has become more discerning and selective in its definition of a truly luxurious haven. 

Discerning purchasers want more than just a beautiful place to live; they want an experience beyond the ordinary. 

The exterior features of a luxury home have become just as important as its interior spaces in creating the ideal environment for potential purchasers. 

This article discusses the seven most sought-after outdoor amenities for luxury homebuyers. Add these features to your own home to elevate its appeal.


1. Expansive Pools, Warm Spas, and Interesting Water Fountains

Luxury homebuyers desire expansive pools, inviting places to cool off while making impactful visual statements. They have become a significant selling point for high-end properties.

Aesthetically pleasing water features such as fountains, spas, and shallow entries for deck chairs add to an indulgent, relaxing atmosphere. 

Heated spas are a welcome luxury in the desert during the winter months. Buyers can imagine themselves unwinding in a warm spa under the starlit Arizona sky. It's a luxury that never goes out of season.


2. High-End Outdoor Kitchens

Luxury lifestyles incorporate both indoor and outdoor dining experiences. Nowadays, the ultimate in opulence is a home with an outdoor kitchen. 

These outdoor cooking spaces may rival state-of-the-art indoor kitchens. They often include well-designed grills, ample countertop space and storage, high-quality outdoor appliances, and other amenities that delight any serious chef.

The outdoor kitchen must have comfortable outdoor seating to complete the al fresco dining experience. 

With a well-planned, high-end outdoor kitchen, you can easily throw a poolside party for your guests or a candlelit dinner for two under the stars.


3. State-Of-The Art Built-In Pizza Ovens

For people who love to entertain, a built-in pizza oven is one of those impressive must-haves for an outdoor haven. 

Imagine gathering your family and friends around an outdoor pizza oven to make custom pizzas with various gourmet toppings. The experience a pizza oven affords adds something special to any get-together.


4. Outdoor Fireplaces and Moveable Firepits

Creating a cozy, relaxing ambiance outdoors is another essential amenity luxury homebuyers look forward to. 

Elegant fireplaces create focal points around which people can gather while wrapped in warm layers and sipping wine or a soothing hot beverage. 

A moveable, well-designed firepit allows more flexibility in location. You can change your outdoor layout anytime by creating a focal point anywhere.


5. Outdoor Heaters for Staying Cozy Year-Round 

In a high-end home, you should be able to relax whenever and wherever you like. This level of comfort requires heating when temperatures outside drop.

Patio heaters, either permanently installed or portable, keep the temperature cozy, especially in winter. 

Luxury homebuyers often want to make the most of their backyard or patio, so heaters are must-have niceties.


6. Mood-Changing Outdoor Sound System

Luxury is in the details. An outdoor sound system is the perfect accessory to style ambiances outdoors. 

The right outdoor sound system, preferably connected to an indoor audio system, can turn any outside area instantly into a place where you can unwind to soothing tunes or entertain guests with a vibrant party.


7. Game-Changing Misters

In warm climates, just like Arizona’s, misters become game-changing amenities. 

They significantly create cooling comfort, allowing patios and outdoor seating areas to be used comfortably when temperatures rise.

Luxury homebuyers expect amenities that ensure their enjoyment of every part of the home anytime throughout the year.

In A Nutshell

As a high-end real estate agent, I know the ideal home for a luxury homebuyer is not just gorgeous. It must be an opulent, stunning, and highly functional oasis supporting their lifestyle, indoors and outdoors. 

May I advise people looking to sell and categorize their home in the premium market to note that these top seven outdoor amenities --- large pools and water features, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, fireplaces, heaters, outdoor sound systems, and misters --- have become the pièce de résistance for most premium homebuyers. 

For most, these outdoor amenities no longer constitute desirables but are already unspoken essentials for classifying a home as a piece of luxury real estate. 

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